I’m a skier, lover of good wine, a bit of a guitar player and a bit of a designer and architect. My job is to carry out your ideas of the perfect home. I will not only design your interior and exterior but also fit it out with my original artistic furniture.

We can meet up in two locations – you can visit me in my workshop in Olomouc, where my ideas come to life in the hands of my craftsmen in a dark workshop; or in my shiny new showroom in Karlin, Prague.

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Contrary to my dark and dusty workshop, we just opened a new showroom in Karin, Prague. It is the best place to experience the furniture live and try it out in a beautiful space.

I also have a passion for the great work of other artists, therefore I have a couple of pieces of other furnishing items, for which you would have to otherwise travel abroad to experience. While enjoying good coffee or wine, you can enjoy our unique pieces live in the showroom or have a look at the catalogues of the other artists, that I represent here in Czech Republic. Companies like KNIKERBOKER, Italian handmade fixtures, ARTURO ALVAREZ, made by light magician from Spain IN-ES ART, unique lamps from Italy, Rome. Also, Poland has amazing art-pieces, like concrete fixtures LOFTLIFT. Apart from all the beautiful fixtures, you can also find chairs from CIGNINI or elegant carpets from TOULEMONDE-BOCHART, and timeless and comfortable sofas from the Italian brand FRATELLI CATTANEO.


You can find my workshop in Holice, Olomouc. Underneath a thin layer of dust you can find more design pieces, that have been made only as one off pieces. This workshop gave birth to many of these one off art-pieces and furniture.

About me

I’m a big fan of Italian design and you can describe me as a servant of original design production. Probably the most influence in my career was when I studied in Venice, and I brought all the gained experience with me to Czech Republic. My second home is in Florence, where I also like to work.

I studied art and architecture ever since. Although I have tried a bit of sculpture as well as painting, design and architecture won over me. It has been over 10 years since I started fully focusing on these two areas and I’m very happy that not only in Czech but also abroad, people are proud of art-pieces that carry the label Vladan Behal Design.

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